Joseph Hunter

Director of Packaging Engineering
+ Product Development

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. I've highlighted some of my favorite projects from the past 15 years of product development with a lot of great consumer brands. 


The sampling of work shared below demonstrates the space I enjoy operating in most - the intersection of challenging custom packaging design with best in class sustainability. 

method aluminum handwash

method men's shave line

method dryer spray

method dishwasher packs

ecover relaunch

method foaming
dish soap

functional paper packaging development

line qualifications

Sustainable Product Design

I'm incredibly fortunate to have spent over a decade on the method brand, a pioneer brand in sustainability from inception. I've learned alongside some incredibly bright people as we set the bar for what it looks like to be a force for good. I personally stay very close to a number of organizations (Sustainable Packaging Coalition, EMF, APR, How2Recycle, TAPPI, MRF networks, among others) to educate my teams not only how to best design for recovery today, but also consider where the market is heading so we can lead by example. In addition to this I am increasingly involved with investigating carbon neutral product design and pathways to net zero carbon. 

Product Experience

I'm a major proponent of applying design thinking to the whole product experience. From the moment the consumer picks us up, through use, reuse, and finally recycling, every touch point needs to be thoughtfully and carefully considered. I partner very closely with formulators and industrial design throughout the development process, and advocate for design intent with our suppliers while refining for manufacturability and circularity.

Brands I've Worked On